Domestic Distribution

Domestic Distribution

Powerful Fleet Team

SLS with its self-owned and contract fleet team, over 62 trucks of various capacities and sizes, tractors and other vehicles in Hong Kong, allowing handling of all your transportation and distribution needs.

All our company are using Transportation Management System (Logflow) to monitor the orders effectively. We can provide the delivery proof instantly. On-time deliveries, safe and accurate of all cargoes are our GOALS of distribution.

In terms of safety, our trucks are installed GPS (Global Positioning System). We can trace the location of your goods instantly whenever you want.

Domestic Distribution

We are now delivering various products such as electronic products

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Location Per Day

Delivery locations include: Household, Retail, Commercial and Industrial areas

Domestic Distribution

Sole Distributor

We are also providing a sole distributor service for different kinds of companies.
Services include:

Domestic Distribution

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